Patented Rodent Detection and Tracking System

RodoTrak... the Only Humane Rodent Detection and Tracking Product

The RodoTrak is the first and only humane rodent detection and tracking product that will solve your rodent problems by helping you to keep them out. RodoTrak answers an old age dilemma and creates an alternative solution to all traditional pest control products.

Before asking the question “How do I get rid of mice?” we want you to ask “How and where are the small rodents entering a home or business?”

The RodoTrak rodent detection and tracking product offers a permanent rodent control solution. A product so versatile, it is used in conjunction with professional rodent programs or as a stand alone monitoring/detection devise.

- Tired of rodent traps?
- Fed up with or concerned about chemical use?
- For every mouse you catch, are there more coming in?

Curious? Watch our video and discover how
the environmentally friendly RodoTrak product can work for you!

Contact RodoTrak:

PO Box 735
Redding, CT 06896

Toll Free: 1-866-763-6875

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